Frequently Asked Questions
Your current subscriptions are shown on the home page under section "MY CURRENT SUBSCRIPTIONS". You can also see status of each of your subscriptions.
For now please 'Text your vendor at <Merchant Ph. No.>. with your request. We will add self-online support for the same very soon.
Currently available subscriptions are listed on home page. You can find separate lists for Newspapers and Magazines. You can also find applicable price, frequency and day of publishing in case of magazine. If you don�t find your preferred subscription, please do recommend to your vendor by 'Texting your vendor at <Merchant Ph. No.>.
You can 'Text your vendor at <Merchant Ph. No.>. We will provide much easier and faster options soon. For confirmed missed deliveries, the invoice for that month will be adjusted automatically.
Please 'Text your vendor at <Merchant Ph. No.>. with required changes.
Bills & Payment
Your total due is shown on the home page. If you want to view details of this bill click on 'Bills'. You will be able to see details of your bill.
To view your previous bills, click on menu icon on top left corner and select Bills. Here, you can view all your previous bills and their status. If you want to find details of any bill click on 'View Bill'.
We support various payment options such as, Net-banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI and all popular wallets including Paytm.
Please contact us and let us know about your preferred payment option. We will evaluate and do our best to add the same.
Please Contact Us and do provide details of the error. We will work with your vendor to resolve such errors.
Yes, while it is more user friendly with mobile devices you can still sign-in and make the payment using any devices including laptop/desktop or iPad using any popular web browser. Only the OTP will be received on your registered mobile no, which you have to key in on the device. All features remain the same.
You will receive an SMS with due amount & due date every month. Even if you don't receive the SMS, you can just login using your registered mobile number at and make the online payment. You will receive reminder SMS if payment is not done before the payment due date.
Post successful payment, you will receive an email confirming the payment. Also you will see the payment status as 'paid'. For any further issues, you can always Contact Us.
Monthly bill normally includes monthly subscription charge plus additional service charge, as communicated by your vendor. There are no extra charges to the subscribers for this solution. If you need further clarifications, please 'Text your vendor at <Merchant Ph. No.>. and he will reach out to you for further clarifications.
On-Demand Orders
It�s easy, just request your vendor to add your house for his service. You will receive a welcome message and you are all set. You can now use call direct or WhatsApp options (shown next to the Vendor business name) to order items. You will see the bills separately under each subscribed services, which you can settle independently now. We will enable single settlement very soon.
If you are already using Zopnote, use �Call� or �WhatsApp� options (shown next to the Vendor business name) to order items.
Every order is notified through SMS and you can pay up the bill. However it doesn�t restrict you to place the next orders as all orders gets recorded and it will show the cumulative bill amount, which you can settle anytime based the credit period accepted by your vendor.
Request your vendor to attach the bill always, when an order is generated. When you sign-in to , you can click on �View Bill� and check the details. In case you need to return the items, do so and notify your vendor. Vendor can edit the bill remotely and you will be notified once it is updated. Post that you can settle the bill any time.
Yes, you can pay your vendor and he will mark it as paid. You will also be notified once updated. Please note you will have to pay in full always.
After signing in successfully you will see a 'Profile' link on top right, It will allow you to edit your full name, mobile no and your email id. If you need to change the mobile number even before your first sign-in, please Contact Us and we will have it updated for you.
Make sure you login using your registered mobile number (10 digits mobile no) and OTP is always sent to the same number. If you don't receive OTP within time, you can always click 'I didn't receive OTP' link choose either 'Send OTP SMS again' OR 'Get OTP on a voice call' option. If you still have issues, please Contact Us.
Click on the menu icon on the top left corner and select 'Sign Out' option.