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Looking to digitise your business? Zopnote lets you offer your services to your customers easily by helping you go online to make your collection and bookkeeping simple. Zopnote is designed to help you if you run :



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Zopnote is a platform that helps small local businesses go digital and strengthen their bonds with their local customers, making a positive impact on the micro-business community. It stands out by connecting these businesses directly with their local communities.


Local commerce refers to a hyperlocal system designed for small business owners (producers/sellers) and their loyal customers (buyers) to streamline daily essential shopping. It utilizes a technology platform that enables businesses to handle online orders, organize collections, and manage credit transactions, all while enhancing shopping convenience for buyers.

Small business owners in the neighborhood serving their regular customers with daily essentials through subscription and on-demand products & services.

Most of the neighborhood subscription services like newspapers, milk, water, gardening, car wash, and On-demand services from Kirana, fruits and vegetables, meat, and Dhobi vendors.

Most available solutions are either Merchant or customer-focused, whereas Zopnote is a B2B2C platform that brings both the demand and supply side onto one platform for all neighborhood needs for daily essentials.

The initial launch in cities is through seeding strategic locations through FOS until we hit critical mass to switch to digital channels. We onboarded using a simple merchant mobile app in a couple minutes and assisted with vernacular help videos.

We have seen successful onboarding of customers through their merchants and we made it easy to onboard their regular customers.

We have been monetizing from day 1 of our initial pilot and we charge small subscription fees for using the Zopnote platform to our merchants.