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Digital India Ka Digital Business Manager

Manage your Customers, Collections and Reports - all from one place, the smart phone in your pocket.

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Your business won’t grow without you.

But, where do you spend your time?

“Running around for Payment Collection is my biggest challenge!”

Automate collection with zopnote. Your customers will thank you for sending them timely invoices and reminders for payment all without your involvement.

You spend time with only those who need your personal attention.

“I spend a lot of time on the phone answering customer queries and requests for changes.”

With Zopnote, your customer can notify you every time they pause or start their subscriptions or have a question before they make payment on the app.

Find all customer issues in one place and address them efficiently on the go.

“I struggle to keep my khaata updated; missing transactions. Recording correct transactions is important.“

Take heart. With Zopnote reports, your business records are always updated to the last decimal. You don’t have to maintain a physical khaata anymore.

Access your live reports, collection reports right from your pocket, anytime, anywhere.

Whether it’s a subscription business such as newspaper, milk or tuitions or an on-demand such as grocery or kirana business. Zopnote helps you manage your revenue on the go.






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We love bringing businesses & customers closer. And we are loved too

”Using Zopnote for many months, It saves manual billing and collection time and effort” – Vijay / Merchant, Vigneshwara News Agency, Bengaluru
"Zopnote has made it very easy to pay my newspaper utility bill. It also offers several payment options like credit card, PayTM etc which makes it cash-free and hassle-free. –Subscriber, Bengaluru"

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